Appearing on the night will be:

Lily Kolle - UX Consultant at Precedent

Life lessons from industrial design

I’ve found that the design principles founded in physical design have given me a unique perspective in the world of web products. Having a real object in your hands forces you to be more practical in your critique; physical products are literally more tangible than web products. So what can we learn from great product design and how can we apply it to digital projects?


Raj El-Ali – Founder and CEO, Webeagles

How To Rise Above Your Geekiness

Too often I see talented technical people not get a project because they talked themselves out of a deal, or didn’t present themselves correctly. I want to teach Digital Professionals the sales and business skills to be able to create an honest living out of their work. Whether it’s to get that promotion at work, win projects for their own business or grow a multi-million dollar agency.


Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin – Founder and CEO, BlueChilli

What I learned about business teaching eight year olds

What everybody should know about starting and operating a business, managing your digital career, and playing nicely with the other children.


Katja Forbes – Director, Inclusive UX

Ambient Intelligence: The New AI

Ambient intelligence is incredibly powerful! Our devices and wearables collect so much ambient information about us and use it to create great, often unnoticed and sometimes slightly creepy experiences for us. This talk looks at what this new AI can do for us and how we can use the power for good!


David McGowan – Rally The Future

Shitbox Rally

We built an internet connected car for $1000, fitted it with a mass of tech, and drove from Perth to Darwin in the Shitbox Rally. We discovered that our initial ambition of creating a robust solution was never really going to be the end product; instead, it was the innovation journey and the lessons we learnt along the way.


David Warwick – Consultant at Greenfields

Banned from the Net

People power built the Internet, but without sustained people power, the people will lose it – or at least lose a say in the control of it. Sound impossible? Winter is coming and it’s not safe to assume the joyous early years of the web are the model for the future.


Fiona Chan – Senior front-end developer at Learnosity

Design framework… is it right for you?

We are seeing more and more design frameworks popping up these days like Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap. People love using them because they are convenient, that everything from the functionality to design are pretty much out of the box and ready to use. This talk is  about the pros and cons of using a design framework, and when is the right place to use one.


David Lockwood – Lecturer at Sydney University

Be a maker with Raspberry Pi

Today powerful computers are everywhere but they are so easy to use that we don’t understand what is actually happening when we press those buttons. The Raspberry Pi is a cheap, simple but powerful, pocket sized computer built to inspire and allow a generation of tinkerers to build projects and explore what is going on inside the devices we use ever day.

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Dr Natalia Galin – Problem Solver

A crash course in capacitors

Capacitors are all around us, in the electronics we use in our daily lives. But what are they, and how do they actually work?


Jenna Niven – Creative Director at Bang

Love in the time of technology

Love. Everybody wants it, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and hold. But why? In my talk I’ll share my view on the quandary. I’ll explore the sociocultural and biological impact the digital revolution is having on us all, and how it’s affecting our ability to love and be loved in return.


Mark Cohen – GM Product Solutions, Fairfax Media

Disrupting the disrupted disruptor

So there we were, making lots of money out of our fine, respected newspapers for a hundred and seventy years. And along came this web thing. And bam! We’re trying to figure out how to make money out of this new internet thing. We’re just kinda getting to grips with it and bam! everyone has a mobile device and we can’t fit our ads on it and the ones that don’t fit also don’t work well.


Stuart Grover – Co-Founder @ 3DPrintingStudios

Can you print me a bike please?

There’s a lot of misconceptions and hype surrounding 3D Printing. This presentation talks about some of the common things we get asked to print (Car parts, guns, bikes, go karts, musical instruments etc.), what is possible today and where we are heading with the technology.


Peggy Kuo – Developer at Atlassian

The TDD Gamer

You’ve probably heard of TDD and the benefits of writing tests first. But in the buzz of development, we tend to forget about them, or not bother at all. Believe it or not, game development is actually a great way to get started with TDD – and it’s less painful than you’d think.


Craig Sharkie


There are a number of design methods from my industrial design past that I want to incorporate more into digital strategy. Laddering to find deep seated emotional connections, using design principles to think outside the ordinary, and integrating visual design, interaction design, and digital strategy all help to make a stronger more innovative product.


Professor Steve Kimmens

Digital Integration Expert

Steve is an expert at most things. In fact he’s so good that he’s going to make up his presentation on the spot, based on random selections of the other speakers’ slides.


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