IgniteSydney [Digital]

You may have been to one of the many Ignite Sydney events – we’ve held 10 of them since 2008.

Ignite is a fast-paced evening with a bunch of lightning presentations on any topic of choice. The twist is that each presenter can use only 20 slides, and each slide auto-advances after 15 seconds. You can check out videos from past events at YouTube.com/IgniteSydney.

We noticed that many of the presenters and audience members come from the worlds of technology – areas like web development, programming and coding, and the emerging fields of internet-connected hardware. So we decided to create a sister event featuring presenters from those industries, and presentations about what’s new in digital technology.

IgniteSydney [Digital] is a brand new event on the technology calendar, following a tried-and-tested formula which is guaranteed to enlighten and entertain you – quickly.

Right now we’re looking for presentations, so please hit the Submit button above if you have a technical idea to share.

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